Microsoft Modular Datacenter

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Azure Modular Datacenter (MDC) is basically an Azure datacenter in a shipping container, delivered to remote locations on a truck bed. It’s running Azure Stack Hub (for now) and can run disconnected or connected via satellite. Beyond the datacenter device itself, Azure MDC is interesting for a number of reasons.

When Microsoft announced MDC last October (2020), many readers and commentators wondered why Microsoft was taking another stab at the idea of Azure in a container. After all, Microsoft had been dabbling with Azure in shipping containers since 2008 – a couple of years after other tech companies like Sun Microsystems (with “Project Blackbox” back in 2006) had been pushing forward with the datacenter-in-a-container concept.

“Containerized solutions in the past required operators and were bespoke in implementation. Azure MDC adds value in that it runs an Azure OS with familiar APIs, resource management and cloud portal; very different in comparison to previous containerized solutions. Azure MDC units are already in early use with defense and private sector organizations.”

Azure MDC is running Microsoft’s hybrid-computing offering, Azure Stack Hub.

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