Codename Microsoft Azure Stack “Fiji”

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Microsoft is developing a new member of its Azure Stack hybrid computing family that is codenamed Azure Stack “Fiji.” Fiji is meant to provide users with the ability to run Azure as a “local cloud”, managed by public Azure and delivered in the form of racks of servers provided by Microsoft directly to users, according to my contacts.

Microsoft’s goal with Azure Stack Fiji is also focused around providing users with low-latency capacity that is fully managed via the Azure fabric [most likely via Azure Arc] and using the same hardware infrastructure that Microsoft uses to run Azure. Azure Stack Hub, the current centerpiece of the company’s hybrid-computing play, is provided as an appliance preloaded on certified server hardware from a a handful of Microsoft partners.

Microsoft’s current hybrid-computing line-up includes:

  • Azure Stack Hub, its “Azure-consistent private cloud”,
  • Azure Stack Edge, its cloud-managed appliance;
  • Azure Stack HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure), its hyperconverged solution and
  • Azure Edge Zones, its ultra-low-latency cloud solution

Information from: - 2020.08.07

More in the future.