Use the Azure DevOps Demo Generator for your own task planning - creation of a template

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In this post I would like to go into more detail about the Azure DevOps Demo (Project) Generator, because in my current activities as an Operator in an Azure Stack Hub project I am dealing with recurring tasks from the operation. That´s why I created my to do´s in Azure DevOps with stories and tasks and entered all information about websites and help in the stories.

These stories and tasks refer to the Azure Stack Hub Operator tasks associated with updates from Microsoft and the manufacturer. In my case, it is a Dell Technologies Azure Stack Hub 14G Integrated System.

One advantage of this Azure DevOps project is that individual people can be assigned different stories and tasks and thus get an overview of who is working on which tasks. In addition, it can be traced in retrospect, where there are problems with the tasks approaching. It is important that every employee maintains all the necessary information in his stories and tasks.

Azure DevOps Generator

Example for a Story

The stories can easily be expanded or changed to personal needs.

Azure DevOps Story

Example for a Task

The task can also be adapted according to personal needs.

Azure DevOps Task


Azure DevOps Demo Generator is available here.

A how-toto create a template and use it in a project can be found here.


If you are interested in the template, please feel free to contact me. I would then make it available.